Got a spare 199GBP? Then check out this Dingoo with Arcade Controls!


A free plug is in order – out of pure respect - for what this dude has done with this Dingoo … and the good news is he’s willing to share, if you’re willing to pay! Check out his current auction on:

Two years ago when I had my first Dingo A320 I was so excited and surprised for what this small handheld emulator can do ...Arcade Coin-Op or Classic Console games and ,for the first time EVER Nintendo Gameboy Advanced on my BIG TV screen?


Still…something was missing and, I’m sure the games masters know what.


But I changed this and here we are:

-         Full size genuine arcade joystick/buttons on Lexan Polycarbonate(virtually indestructible)

-         Emulate hundreds of MAME arcade coin-op games which will bring you back sweet memories ,Neo Geo arcade,CPS,CPS2,Sega Megadrive/ Genesis,Super Nintendo,NES,GBA.

-         You can play these games on this 2.8” ultra bright LCD when you are out. as you can benefit of seven hours autonomy or you can plug it on your big TV (LCD,PLASMA,CRT) thru the Audio-Video cable(RCA plug)

-         USB plug for charging the battery or to access his 4GB built in memory in order to load your favorite games movies or music

-         Incredibly compact (W 24cm,D 17cm,H 5cm),light (950 grams) and robust.

-         Brand NEW and UNIQUE Video Game System...excelent for saving your space ..perfect for a nice gift

-         Comes with more than two thousand games in his internal memory, charger and instructions to use

-          Two DVD’s with almost five thousand games


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