Diyomate X9 XMAME 1080P Full HD Internet TV Box!

Another pretty decent box that does, well, everything – and reputedly has XMAME on it too! All for the princely sum of Only one question: how do you control the frakking games? Perhaps that remote is really a WiiMote …

Games are playable on the Diyomate X9. It has XMAME built-in.
I've found a page (which I can't post here) showing 3 screen shots of MAME games being played on this product. There's also a screen shot showing XMAME selectable from the product's menu.
Further information on the "game functionality" of this product ... here's a quote I found (Google translation from Chinese to English - I presume "U disk" in the translation means a USB external hard disk) :
"In order to meet the needs of the majority of gamers, X9 joined the games. X9 support many classic games, without having to install, through the U disk, hard disk storage devices such as read into the game files, access the handle to operate. 4 USB interface, support for more joystick available for multiplayer; use wireless controller, free, enjoy the game more."


  1. This would rock with XBMC on it :)

  2. it has 4 usb ports.. so 4 usb pads wont be a problem... on paper :)

  3. From these pictures, it appears you can use USB gamepads :!!441428383.jpg

  4. More pictures :

  5. Looks just like a Android setop box to me

  6. All this games pictures are CPS1 and CPS2. XMame is much more. CPS1 and 2 have Gamebox for 50 $


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