Booboo speaks … new Gemei 760+ due out end of May 2011

New Gemei X760+

In the comments of the previous post Neno provided the following link:
So I asked ChinaChip. That is the upcoming Gemei X760+ (yes, same name than the old x760+, fun!), and the specs in the linked page are wrong. It's due out by the end of May according to ChinaChip.
It's CC1800 based, same SoC than in the Gemei A330. LCD is 4.3" 480x272. I like the wealth of controls in the lower side.
Unfortunately work on the CC1800 has been slow. It's no fun to write code based on other code with no comments and no programmer's manual, plus I recently got sponsoring for porting dingux to a JZ4755 based device (can't say much about that at the moment), which will be eating up absolutely all of my spare time for the next couple of months. As I already said, I'm not happy being the bottleneck here, so I asked ChinaChip to let me disclose the information they provided on the CC1800 but got no reply, so for now I must honor my promise of keeping the information closed.

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