Sunday, March 27, 2011

HTTP server for Dingux(!)


Dingueiros Comrades,

Alex320 launched , for Dingux, the port program NullHTTPd . This program, whose port is based on the program of the same name , is a small but effective HTTP server. He is not really a good browser, but a kind of receptor. Anyway, bear such a program for our beloved Dingoo is already a big step!

To install the program you must copy the folder "httpd" in / usr / local / apps /. Then you should write the following command in the file located at / usr / local / sbin / main:

cd / usr / local / apps / httpd / bin
. / Httpd

Then put the files. Htm and the like in / usr / local / apps / httpd / htdocs. Restart Dingoo and connect it using the USB cable to your computer. Open the browser on your computer and type And ... voila! =)

Click here to follow the discussion on the program in Dingoo Mania



  1. Hi...

    I can't download, the download limit is 10...

    Someone could upload it again.

    Thanks in advance