Monday, February 7, 2011

Gamebox videos – good news, and bad news!

Here at Dingoo-scene, we’ve been waiting anxiously for news of the first Gamebox reviews. Waiting so anxiously, as it happens, that we missed the first video from, uh, a week ago:

and indeed, several more:


Here are some (somewhat unhelpful) pics of the insides:

… all of which makes me think to fly over to Hongkers, so I can instantly grab one from the source, where such gaming goodness can emerge, overnight, with no fanfare, from the primeval manufacturing stew that gave us all the Dingoos there ever were.

That is until of course, I realised that some more news has emerged on this unit, and it’s not all good:

If you are reading this, stop thinking about buying this!!
You CAN'T play MAME games, NO WAY, only pre-installed ones.
Only GBA roms from SD.
The USB ports ARE NOT USB ports! (the ONLY port, second one isn't fake, it is a dummy!)
Sorry, but thinking about get money SELLING MAME ROMS (legal??) DRIVES ME VERY BAD!

So, let’s repeat that, minus the histrionics:

* not-quite-functioning USB ports

* can’t load ROMS, except GBA Roms, from SD Card slot

On the ROM loading issue:

Just received mine today,
For people wondering: Yes, it does play retail GBA cartridge if you insert them on the slot I just tried with rayman 3.
EDIT: Just tried to put my dingoo A320 microSD on it... Froze on GameBox Logo, fixed by reboot without MicroSD (Probably too much files I'll check compatibility one by one ^^).
EDIT2: Okay here are the results from my Dingoo msd card:
NES: Appear on the menu, but FAIL to launch (I guess it's intended to make appear gba pocketnes embedded games).
Anyway that console is very certainly updateable wait and see.

More tidbits:

* cpu confirmed as JZ4755

* movie playback can be choppy

Holding down SELECT + START on boot gives this:

Came across this tonight - hold down the Select and Start buttons on the controller when turning on and an info screen comes up. Mine has the following details:
Device Model: JZ4755
Device Version: V1.0Build7c1
U Disk Size: 1.770 GB
U Disk Space: 298.944 MB
External Card Size: 0 BYTE
External Card Space: 0 Byte

- mmm, quite Dingoo-like!

For more generally, go here:

and here:

So, there you have it. The state of play one week in. Let’s hope interest in this device continues, because I see nothing but potential. That, and an accentuated sense of my own inability to code and do anything about hacking this wide open …

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