Monday, February 7, 2011

Dingux commander file manager for Dingux

Finally a file manager for DINGUX arrives!


• Introduction
DinguxCommander is a file manager for Dingoo (Dingux).
It uses two vertical panels side by side, one being the source and the other the destination, like many 'commander-style' file managers such as Norton Commander or Midnight Commander.
DinguxCommander allows to copy, move and delete multiple files.
• Controls
Up/Down: Move the cursor up/down
Left/Right: Go to the left/right panel
L/R: Page up/page down
A: Open highlighted directory
B: Go to parent directory
Y: Select highlighted item. Selected items are displayed in red.
X: Open action menu, allowing to:
    - Copy selected items to destination directory
    - Move selected items to destination directory
    - Delete selected items
SELECT: Open selection menu, allowing to:
    - Select all items
    - Select no items
    - Quit program
START: Open highlighted directory in destination panel.
    If a file is highlighted, open current directory in destination panel.
For more information, read file README.txt.

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Author/Porter: Mia

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