Thursday, January 27, 2011

The rest of the Etronmix A380 Reviews …


The guys from Etronixmart have released two more VIDs for their Dingoo A380 review. This first video below takes a look at what is in the box and then compares the A380 with the Dingoo A320. The unit is turned on and we see our first glimpse of the software and some of its functionality. Gemei Tech A330 users will see a familiar 2-player option screen, perhaps hinting at similar technology. The emulators appear to have the same type of menu as the Dingoo A320/A330 and GA330. The Gemei Tech A330, while benefiting from a speed increase, has similar (if not the exact same) emulators as the Dingoo products in regards to compatibility, options, look, feel, etc. The assumption here is that the new Dingoo is not yet benefiting from updated software, and why would it if the device will use Dingux out-of-the-box?

The next video, the last in their review series, specifically talks about the 2-player gaming mode. Users will see how to set-up this mode, watch the two units sync-up, followed by some 2-player wireless gaming. One thing to note is that the NeoGeo BIOS rotating animations are not corrupted, hinting at the fact that they may have fixed the "HK" issue which plagued NeoGeo emulation on the later Dingoo systems. The video concludes by demonstrating the compatibility with the Dingoo A330 wireless game controller (around $15-30 extra). Viewers will note that 2 controllers are used towards the end of the video, something that was impossible to accomplish on the Dingoo A330 due to a hardware limitation.

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  1. Some nice improved features such as 2 player wireless and ability to use as a console with 2 pads connected to TV.

    High Spec should mean near perfect Emulation of all 8/16 bit systems and Arcade upto the Saturn/PSX 32 bit arcade systems.

    Only concern is they still have the small shoulder buttons.