Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo Native

PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo is released. It's a Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator for the Dingoo.
PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo Changelog:

I've ported PocketSNES to the native Dingoo firmware.
Usual installation stuff, remove other SNES emulators and copy contents of ZIP to GAME directory blah blah blah. If you get stuck just ask here and someone will help you.
Note: PocketSNES now uses a sub directory in the GAME directory called pocketsnes. This will hold the PNG files used for the menu system, it will also hold your save state files. SRAM files are saved to the same directory as the current ROM is located. If you have any existing save states you'll need to manually move them into the PocketSnes folder in order to use them again in v1.2.
Updated 02/01/2010
V1.1 fixes issue with sound rates
Linux port also added to source code which include SDL port details
Update 04/01/2010
V1.2 fixes issue with SRAM saves
Graphical preview now added to save state menu

Download: PocketSNES v1.2 for Dingoo


  1. Is it better than the stock emulator?
    What are the improvements?

  2. It launches more games for example Super Mario Kart and it's much faster, even faster then Snesx4d for Dingux