Monday, January 10, 2011

PC Engine / TG16 / Turbo Grafx emulator HuGo for Native

PC Engine / TG16 / Turbo Grafx emulator HuGo for Native
January 9, 2011

dingux-hugo has been ported to the native firmware!!


WARNING this will overclock by default to 400Mhz
WARNING this build will hang unless you have a rom called default.pce in the same directory as the .app


Unzip the zip file, into:

    A:Game3D Games

this should mean a directory is created called:

    A:Game3D GamesDingooHuGo


It should behave just like the Dingux version (with a minor change with the position of rom names in the menu). See the help file (which is viewable in the Emu). Use the START button in the ROM browser to bring up keyboard to enable jumping to ROMS beginning with a specific letter.

Finally, I can play Bomberman 

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: clach04

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  1. Is overclocking to 400Mhz a problem ? Does it shorten the life of the machine or is it just a battery life thing ?