Friday, January 28, 2011

Howl Ye (I Dizhu) for A330

News courtesy of our brothers at

Google Translated from Portuguese:

the Dingoo Games launched Howl ye, for the A330, one more game. This time the game is a turn based card game at cards more popular in China, the Dou Dizhu ( click here to read more about this game in the English version of Wikipedia). To install just simply unzipped the file " 斗地主. cc "folder in 3D. This folder, in turn, is inside the folder GAME. I would like to thank our fellow co- massi for notifying us about this release ( thanks buddy!) and apologize for the poor quality of the picture taken above (used my webcam since I do not have a digital camera. Only those old and classic cameras moved the photographic film xD) .


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