The other Dingoo Digital’s new Dingoo

Dingoo Digital USA has been working on a prototype video game system. The specs have already been released and now some mock-ups of a possible case design are ready. Be sure to post your thoughts in the on-going discussion thread at the Dingoonity Forums.


• Ingenic 4755 (Dual Core Clocked at 400 MHz but can be overclocked to 550Mhz The second core is a VPU similar to a GPU)
• 4.0 TFT LCD (Brand: King Display KD43G16-40NC-A3 Resolution: 800x480 Active area: 95.04mm x 53.86mm 262K color, 24bit parallel RGB interface)
• 64MB SD Ram (Winbond W9825G6EH-6 (2 pieces) 4M words x 4 banks x 16 bits = 32 MB 166MHz/CL3 or 133MHz/CL2)
• 2GB NAND (Samsung K9GAG08U0E 16 Gb = 2GB MLC, large block 8-bit interface)
• MicroSD Memory Slot
• D-Pad and Analog Nub on left
• Standard A,B,Y,X on the right and L1 R1 Shoulder buttons on top
• 4MP Video Camera/Camera
• OS will be Dingux with hopefully a new menu system the fall back will be Gmenu2X
• Windows Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 out of the box 32bit.
• Estimated price $80 to $85 USD
We hope to have final proto-type by 15th of December. This will make using a Dongle WiFi Feasible will also allow for keyboards, mouse, game controllers etc.

For those of you who are unsure about the difference between the 17,697 Dingoo manufacturers in China, read this.


  1. When are they going to stop? It's already crap wrapped with stuff that people complained about. Dingoo is more of a fan pleaser than what they really do. Most of the stuff they are putting on is common-sense. In the end, it's all the same crap.


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