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NXEngine (Cave Story) BETA 1 Dingux

NXEngine (Cave Story) BETA 1
December 23, 2010

CAVE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BETA 1 release of NXEngine for Dingux, a clone/engine-rewrite of the classic jump-and-run platformer Cave Story.
v103 23/12/2010 (

Hello everyone.

This is a BETA release of NXEngine, meaning, some stuff is still missing.
And by some stuff I mean the soundtrack. The performance of the music part of the engine on the Dingoo is terrible,
it is stuttering and lagging. That's why I disabled it by default (you can still re-enable it through the menu).
I know, a Cave Story without it's soundtrack is not the same. But it's better to have a music-less Cave Story
on the Dingoo than not have it at all, right?
When will the music support be fixed? Can't tell, it's not up to me, but to the original author of this engine.
If you want to bug her about it, I encourage you to mail her at kty(at)lavabit(dot)com. I originally planned to wait
with the release until I get a music patch from her, but after several months of waiting I decided to release
this nice beta in it's current form. I know you guys were waiting for it as well


* 1 x Dingoo A320/A330 with Dingux installed
* 1 x mini/microSD card
* 1 x NXEngine
* 1 x Win32 version of the original Cave Story english datafiles

1) Extract the contents of NXEngine onto your SD card.
2) Copy the "Doukutsu.exe" and "data" dir from the original datafiles into the newly extracted "nxengine" dir
3) Run nx.dge executable
4) Wait a moment. The black screen on the first run is normal

You can remove "Doukutsu.exe" file after the first successful run.

In case of any trouble installing it, follow the instructions that appeared on your Dingoo's screen after you
launched nx.dge

Merry Christmas!

PS.  The nx.png icon is nicked from GP2X version of Cave Story, I hope they don't mind
PS2. Yes, I'm still working on GP2X/WIZ/Caanoo/Pandora versions of NXEngine.

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Author/Porter: zear

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  1. Awesome. I hope the music will get fixed (it looks fixable).