Thursday, December 2, 2010

Booboo returns with good news!

Booboo has returned, with a great post on China Chip that look promising in the extreme! Click on the link to read his whole post; I’ve honed in on the Dingoo stuff!

Back from China

I'll also try to quickly summarize, for now, the content of the meetings with the ChinaChip folks:
- They will make changes to their bootloader and internal flash layout so that the dingux kernel and rootfs is installed in the internal flash. Both for the A320 and GA330 consoles. You'll have access to the internal flash from dingux (but the NTFL won't be released). The installation of dingux will be streamlined in the same way native firmware updates are, so no need to fiddle with usb tools any more.
- There will be dingux for the GA330, with full hardware support, and full open source. There's no problem with knockoffs here because it is based in their propietary CC1800 chip not available to third parties (as opposed to the JZ4732 in the A320).
- There is no schedule for the above as of now, since they're yet to decide if and how they'll sponsor it. In other words, one extreme is I work on it on a hobby basis as I've been so far and at zero cost, and the other extreme is they hire me full time. Anything in between is possible.
- The next generation of consoles will be based on the CC2000 and expected to roll out by Q2 next year. The CC2000 will be announced in a month or so, and I've been kindly asked not to reveal the details, but as you can imagine, it's beast compared to the JZ4732 and CC1800.
I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but I'll continue posting as things come up while I review my notes and prepare the reports of the meetings I'll be sending to ChinaChip. I'll also review the huge lot of pictures I took and post some.

Some of Booboo’s responses to comments are also worth reading too.  Chinachip appear keen to open their console, a first for this sort of device from China.  Who knows where this promising philosophy can lead?

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  1. All sounds good, looks like Dingoo's future is looking rosey xD