Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More shops where you can buy an A330

Ownta is another one that's selling the A330:
Dingoo Brasil, a virtual shop from here, is selling too the A330:


  1. I saw the video with the 2 sets of hands playing Contra together.

    Sometimes I'm blind, and probably I am in this case, but where on the spec sheet does it show that it supports wireless connectivity?


  2. Mmm...
    Gonna wait for more reputable/known stores to carry it.

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  4. those devices with MP5 on the face are clones of dingoo. i just got e-mail ad of real dingoo:
    at least if this one is not real it has the same shit the real one would have.

  5. Rhinolith, you are wrong. the one you linked to is the fake. the real one is the one posted in the video, and it doesn't say MP5 it says MPS (multiplayer system).