Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aleph One Dingux v2

Aleph One v2
November 4, 2010

Aleph One has been updated!


Release notes alephone-dingoo-v2 20101104:
- Game now renders in native 320x240. This is a new approach on a fresh source.
  It's no longer based on Pickle's source/code. Scaler is used on interface images
  before rendering.
- Big speed increase due to the above. Main marathon games run full speed most of
  the time @ 336 MHz. No overclock needed.
- Damage/pickup/liquid flashes now work thanks to software gamma emulation.
- Map zoom keys mapped to shoulder buttons when in map view.
- Terminal code reworked to render at 320x240 properly.
- Preference screens/widgets reworked to fit properly on Dingoo screen.
- Game will create its own working settings file now if it doesn't exist.
  'Dangerous' settings (screen res, other crash stuff) removed.
- Different games/scenarios now store their saves, etc, in their own directory
- Probably more that I have forgotten.

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Author/Porter: nigel
Download Source:

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