SDL Invaders 1.0 (Beta)

Here we have a nice space invaders clone.

Hello guys,

This time I have ported a nice little Alien Invaders game called "SDL Invaders".
It's a fun game with lots of weapons. Please leave your comments. Thanks
This is a Beta release because of music problem but the sound is working fine. In the next release
I will include the Music. Please enjoy.....

Menu Control:

Start - Press Start
Help - Press L
Quit - Press Select

Game Control:

D-pad Left - To move the Ship Left
D-pad Right - To move the Ship Right
X - To fire primary weapon
Y - Fire Rocket (collect by shooting the special alien on top)
B - Fire SeekRocket (collect by shooting the special alien on top)
A - Fire Bomb (collect by shooting the special alien on top)
they are shown on top as R, S or B.
D-pad Up - Switch to Primary weapon from Secondary (only after collecting Secondary weapon)
D-pad Down - Switch to Secondary weapon from Primary (only after collecting Secondary weapon)
R - To Pause/Unpause during game
L - Help

If you have special weapons (you get them by shooting the special alien on top), they are shown on top as R, S and B.
R is the rocket, it just flies straight ahead and destroys all (normal) aliens on it's way. It is fired by pressing the "Y" key.
S is a seekrocket. It randomly chooses a (normal) alien as target and destroys it. It is fired by using "B".
B is a bomb. It just flies ahead and, when hitting an alien, it does not only destroy this (normal) alien but all (normal) aliens around as well. It's fired by the "A" key.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: z_man3007


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