PSFreedom for Dingoo v1.3

Time to update your zimage file again, as Waninkoko has been hard at work updating his PSFreedom port. Presenting...

| PSFreedom for Dingoo v1.3 |
| ported by Waninkoko |
| developed by KaKaRoTo |

"PSFreedom Dingoo" is a port of PSFreedom, created by KaKaRoTo, to the Dingoo A320 console (JZ4740 chipset). The zImage file included in the package allows you to boot a modified version of Dingux that makes the console to behave like the PSJailbreak device.


[ v1.3 ]:

- PSFreedom updated to latest version (commit 2e14ac1d29e6ddb6a58256aef50f06576d6c4bea).
- Payloads updated.
- Added support for other firmware versions.
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