PSFreedom for Dingoo 1.4b Released

| PSFreedom for Dingoo v1.4b |
| ported by Waninkoko |
| developed by KaKaRoTo |

[ Description: ]

"PSFreedom Dingoo" is a port of PSFreedom, created by KaKaRoTo, to the Dingoo A320 console (JZ4740 chipset). The zImage file included in the package allows you to boot a modified version of Dingux that makes the console to behave like the PSJailbreak device.

[ v1.4b ]:

- Payloads updated.
- Added patch to fix problems with pads and savegames, only for fw 3.41 (thanks to Hermes).
- Added support to install demo packages through the "Install package files" menu.

News Source: TeknoConsolas / Waninkoko's Blog

UPDATE: I see some posts around the net some people have problems with it
UPDATE2: Repack Released, and removed, see bug fix below!
UPDATE3: Bug fixed released, and now re-attached.



  1. which backup managers is this compatable with?

  2. when i updated my correct screen zimage file the dingoo freezes at dingux logo. What can i do?

  3. if it freezes try backup your card and reformat it. Its a known isue. For more info google it.


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