Monday, October 18, 2010

Aleph One - Dingux

Aleph One
October 16, 2010

Aleph One has been ported. This is a app that lets you run the Marathon games that were on the MAC back in the day. The developers of Marathon went on to create HALO.


Release notes alephone-dingoo-v0 20101016:
- Based on Pickle's hard work, it basically compiled on Dingoo without trouble.
- Source changes: Needed an 'add #include ' in 'network_metaserver.h'
  and forced -march=mips32 to keep LUA happy. Also needs libboost in Dingux toolchain. -O3 flags
  halve the binary size and *triple* speed. Sometimes things work like they do in the movies...
- Commented out Pickle's Wiz key mapping (not needed on Dingoo, gp2x.h, screen.cpp and others).
  Found and changed menu keymapping from PC to Dingoo to eliminate the need for a mouse
  driver/workaround (shell.cpp).
- New menu dialog theme that's better readable (prefs, load, quit game, etc) and fits on the
  Dingoo's small screen (mostly). Looks like crap, but trust me, the original is worse when
  halved from 640x480 to 320x240. Remember: the whole game is still rendered at 640x480 and then
  scaled to fit the screen on your Dingoo.
- Shiny icons . Made these 7 years ago @ 128x128. They finally have a use.
- A readme that's bigger than Pickle's while having done only a fraction of the work he did.

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Author/Porter: nigel
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