PSFreedom Dingoo version 1.1

The famous wii hacker Waninkoko has released an update to PSFreedom Dingoo v1.1.

Grab the zimage file from here


  1. To blotch:

    This guy Waninkoko is useless! I emailed him just to answer a simple question just like yours and he never responded. Why post things here if you wont answer to nobody!!!

  2. useless is a tad harsh dont you think? afterall without him what have we got?

  3. Is he your boyfriend?? what have we got? you ask... is SHEEeeett. But if you want to have your little 1 min fame here on Dingoo-scene then this Waninkoko go co-co puff's...LMAO....should reply to users request. again, why post it with out any usefull info. for me its waste of time...Blotch

  4. About time Waninkoko, you finally listening.


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