Now this is NEWS! PSFreedom ported to Dingoo! Hack your PS3 with a Dingoo

A fortnight is a long time in hackerland.  Suddenly, every device that is half intelligent can now become the means to freeing your PS3 from the shackles of Sony signed code.  How do you know the Dingoo has arrived? Well, the PSFreedom hack now runs on it too!! Thanks to Waninkoko for putting Dingoo on the map … again!! (Now, back to Carcasonne!:))

PSFreedom Dingoo

05/09/2010 por ( Waninkoko )


"PSFreedom Dingoo" is a port of PSFreedom, created by KaKaRoTo, to the Dingoo A320 console (JZ4740 chipset). The zImage file included in the package allows you to boot a modified version of Dingux that makes the console to behave like the PSJailbreak device.


"PSFreedom Dingoo" es un port de PSFreedom, creado por KaKaRoTo, para la consola Dingoo A320 (chipset JZ4740). El fichero zImage incluido en el paquete te permite arrancar una versión modificada de Dingux que hace que la consola se comporte con el dispositivo PSJailbreak.


PSFreedom Dingoo 

or try this link if Megaupload Pee’s you off:

(the kernel patch is included in the package)

(el parche del kernel viene incluido en el paquete)

Discuss it here:



  1. good news, a dingoo controlling a ps3

  2. So is this the version that allows you to play backups?

  3. There's an update available (v1.1) that adds peek and poke calls.


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