Thursday, August 26, 2010

SDL for native, new Biniax 2 release

SDL for native, new Biniax 2 release
August 20, 2010

The multimedia lib SDL is now ported to native, and with it the first complete SDL game, Biniax 2.


Biniax 2 is an original puzzle game by Jordan Tuzsuzov.

The port is based on the Dingux port by Ezial and Yoannd26 but has a number of improvements.

Changelog Dingux -> Dingoo native

* Sound bitrate changed from non-standard 44000 to 44100
* "Now Loading..." is displayed instead of a black screen on startup
* The high score list now actually works
* Changed Help text to make it relevant to the Dingoo and fixed text width
* Controls modified to suit the Dingoo better
* Volume control added (L/R)

Biniax 2 release thread:
SDL release thread:
Author/Porter: Harteex

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