Pikidoo Release 1 (VJ software)

Pikidoo Release 1 (VJ software)
August 17, 2010

An interesting piece of software, very useful for VJs, now you can rock on everywhere you go! And the dev doesn´t even like the Dingoo, how generous is that!?
Have a look here to see what´s possible...  Shocked


Pikix is a free VJ software for Dingoo

It's a quick port from our previous project Pikix

While working with the Dingoo device, I have been quite disapointed by this system on various points, so cannot really recommend to purchase one.

But if you happen to own a Dingoo A320, check out Pikidoo!

Pikidoo is compatible with k17 video files compressed with the kouky2x tool.

See Pikix for more infos about those video files

Discuss it here: http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/topic/56028-pikidoo-release-1

Author/Porter: Pikilipita studio
Download: http://www.pikilipita.com/vj/pikidoo/index.html


  1. again is this for Dinux or native ? Make it compulsory to say in the subject header, please.

  2. Hello friend. Is possible to change Dingoo into keyboard similar this? http://www.yubico.com/ interesting bank of password. Only press and put my password?

  3. It's for native.


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