Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mac OS 9 theme for native

Mac OS 9 theme for native
August 19, 2010

VampireSlug released a theme for the Dingoo native firmware, for all you people who dig the Mac OS style.


I've been skinning for the GP2X for years, both the firmware and Gmenu2X but this is my first attempt at a Dingoo theme... holy cow, it was a lot of work.  This requires a custom firmware so you can see the system folder - pop the folders under system
es, choose theme one, change the text to black and you're up an running.  

It's a total conversion so the only graphics I left untouched are ones I either couldn't see (like the pedometer stuff) or stuff I couldn't find (like the chinese text when viewing the Album/Artists/etc screens).  I worked really hard on this and hope everyone enjoys it, feedback is always welcome.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: VampireSlug

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