Gmenu2x with QWERTY keyboard layout

Gmenu2x with QWERTY keyboard layout
August 9, 2010

rigues has updated gmenu2x's keyboard support! Now we have a qwerty keyboard layout!


Hi folks,

I loved joyrider's Gmenu2x port to the Dingoo (it is now my default menu), but I really hated the on-screen keyboard layouts (used to type icon names, etc) available, so I dug into the source code and changed them.

The number of layouts available was reduced from SEVEN to only TWO. The "symbol" keyboard was removed, along with the four cyrillic ones (sorry if you need/like cyrillic). The available layouts now are QWERTY (including symbols) in lowercase and uppercase. IMHO, this is more sane than the alphabetical layouts used by default.

The updated version is available on my website, linked below. If you already have gmenu2x installed, just change the executable. The archive also includes darfgarf's modified button mappings (A to confirm, B to cancel) which make more sense than the default ones on the A320. The modified source file (inputdialog.cpp) is also included.

Hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome.

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Author/Porter: riques
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