Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fy.WoD! release #1

Fy.WoD! release #1
August 19, 2010

Zear ported another nice game and gave us some hints on his future releases. Cheesy


Fy.WoD! is a thrust-type racing game.
The goal of it is to score as many points in each level as needed to unlock the new tracks.

* D-PAD  - rotate ship
* A  - thrust
* L - slowmo
* START - game menu

On the other news, there is a couple of upcoming releases I'm currently working on:
* new version of eduke32 - need to find a cause of performance drop while standing next to a security monitor. Prepare for a lot of new features in this update!
* Commander Genius - the game works great, need some final polish and should be released in the next days
* RemooD - needs fixing the random crashes while loading new levels

Stay tuned! Wink

Discuss it here:!-release-1/

Author/Porter: Schnatterplatsch, ported by zear
Download Source: included

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