Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cosmiceffect.br reviews Dingoo

The nice folk at www.cosmiceffect.com.br have posted a series of reviews on the Dingoo:

Why post them here? Well, I can’t understand what I think is Portuguese, but any site that appears to feature a series of thoughts on Parallax Scrolling through the console ages deserves a plug in my book!


  1. Yeah, it's portuguese! From Brazil!

  2. Hey, what an honor, thanks for mentioning us :)

    It is really portuguese, we where already trying to find the time to write some english subtitles for the videos, now this gives us even more motivation to do so.

    If we do find the time and write the subtitles, we will let you know.

  3. As Dancovich said, we now should use youtube's subtitle feature very soon, thanks to your interest on our content.

    Many thanks guys, that means a lot to us.

    See you soon :)