*Yawn* – The new Dingoo A330 … almost, really, we mean it this time!

Well, over at Dingoonity. Dingoo Digital USA is taking preorders for the new … Dingoo A330! A quick poke about da Google reveals this from Ubergizmo:

Dingoo A330 Mini Game King

Posted on Apr 26, 10 08:42 AM PDT

Dingoo A330 Mini Game King

The Dingoo A330 Mini Game King is a new third party handheld console that measures roughly the size of a Game Boy Micro, where you are able to play a range of emulated ROMs as well as a host of other multimedia files. Just in case you are not happy with its 2.3" LCD display at 320 x 240 resolution, you will be able to watch it on a larger display using its video out connectivity. Apart from that, there is also an integrated 2.4 GHz radio receiver that lets you play nice with wireless game controllers, although we're not to sure whether anyone would want to do so.

Dingoonity provides more specs:

Pre-order your Dingoo A330 now, from Dingoo-Digital-USA

The release of the new Dingoo A330 is just around the corner, and Dingoo-Digital-USA is already accepting pre-orders.

The A330 is the latest model of the Dingoo, featuring:

- Display: 2.8 inch QVGA (16 Million Colors) 320x240 DVD Quality LCD Screen
- 64MB Processor Ram (Compared to only 32MB ram in Dingoo Digital A320)
- 2.4GHz Wirless Controller for playing games while in TV-OUT Mode
- Internal Storage Memory (4GB Internal memory for storage of your media and game files)
- External Storage Memory (Mini SD card (SDHC) Expandable to 32GB for a total of 36GB)
- Controller Specs: 8 Position D-Pad on left, Y, X, A, B buttons on right, L and R shoulder buttons on top
- Built-in lithium-ion battery gives 6-8 hours of runtime on a single charge [/li][/list]

Prices start at around $100 for the A330, + shipping.

We should have a review of the A330 here at Dingoonity by mid-May.

Dingoo A330 Pre-orders at Dingoo-Digital-USA
Discuss it on the boards

More specs here:http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-hardware-general/taking-pre-orders-for-dingoo-technology-a330/msg13849/#msg13849

(Buy the new A330 … it will save you the 15 minutes you will spend having to install every decent native app made to date.)

Evidently, the designers at Dingoo, in a cunning plan to distinguish their brand new baby from, um, just about every third MP3-MP4-Game player thing made in China, decided instead to do a Solid Snake, and hide in plain sight by adopting a well thought out “Let’s use those PSP cases – they’re everywhere, and they’re cheap” StrategyFrankly, I liked this design much better:


At least it looks like the natural born child of our favourite chicklet.

Still more information can be had here: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?s=8b2462baed2f5a0ca97695fe74eacc07&showtopic=222478&st=15

Following that thread will also lead, eventually, here: http://dingoo.hk/en/news.asp , where you get to read news of the coming A330, straight from the horses’ mouth:



There it is, from the manufacturer: everything they want to say about the new Dingoo! Let’s just say that the nice folks at Dingoo have always been very … reserved … about things.  That’s the inscrutable Cufucian Ethos going down, right there!

It’s obvious though, that unlike this sort of BS, that something is brewing (though don'’t be too surprised if it turned out to be a nice pot of Jasmine tea and nothing more).  If you look at the address above, you’ll notice that compared with this post from March 2009, the source is the company known as Dingoo.  Observe also your honour, the name on the top left: “Dingoo Technology”.  Whatever happened, BTW, to good old Dingoo-Digital at dingoo888.cn? Oh wait, they’re still there ...

OK, should you get one?

  1. Get WHAT exactly?! We’ve been down this road before. Wait, for pete’s sake.
  2. Perhaps the new A330 will blessedly come with its OS innards exposed, Dingux and all emulators preinstalled, and with a new DD designed UI that will rival the iphone for usability! There’s no smoke without fire after all!
  3. If you believe 2, it is because the smoke is from that huge reefer you’ve been sucking. Really, lay off the Ganja dude, it leads to all sorts of bad joss. Ok, ok, perhaps in moderation …
  4. Where was I?
  5. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that we don’t know anything yet about what cpu/chipset this uses.  And that Booboo isn’t around to spread some of his genius to what will assuredly be a closed product.

Having said all that: someone PM me with a free sample please. I can most easily be bought.


  1. At first, my hope that A330 contains Wifi network but, it seems to be only bluetooth. Any info about CPU ?

  2. the cpu is the same one as in the a320

  3. If the wireless controller allows two-player for games, I'm interested.

    Otherwise, meh.

  4. I wonder if the emulaters are better

  5. still no native psx ??

  6. wow, what a great idea... with this design my dingoo will not pass the customs if I order one as it looks like a fake psp... that's really a great idea... hum

  7. oO, the design is soooo ugly. I don't want a fake psp. I prefer the gemei design of the A330. Not that ugly dingoo.hk thingie. If it comes with two gamepad's, improved emulators and a faster cpu I may see past the uglyness of that thing. If it doesn't there is no point in the A330.

  8. The way it looks there are no major improvements in the dingoo A330. I mean basically its a dingoo A320 with more ram and it comes with some community made emulators. I bet the snes, cps1+2, md, neo-geo are still gonna be the same the gemei x760+ had. I bet they won't have the 2 player function. Processor is most likely gonna be the same as A320. Overall this thing is a little improved dingoo A320 in an ugly psp clone shell.

  9. I was thinking: Let's wait to buy a Dingoo 320 and see how it will be some new Dingoo. Now what i see from this "new" Dingoo there is almost nothing new and i just buy the ol' Dingoo.

    The design is just a ugly ripoff of the PSP just like of those cheap JXD "MP4 PSP" but tiny... how sad.

  10. I don't know why everyone's complaining about the design being a ripoff of the PSP--they ripped off the design because it's a GOOD DESIGN. Finally, trigger buttons that don't suck!

    That being said, I'm happy with my A320. If the A330 had more new features, I'd probably get one, but if it's just minor upgrades.... :(

  11. no reason to complain??? I'll sure find its a good once my custom will keep my 100$ handeld cause it's a fake psp to their eye...

  12. I was searching for some gemei a330 ifo and i found a pmp called "letcool" and it has the the same shape that the a320 has but, hith better L/R, bigger screen, microSD etc.

    take a look

  13. well you can get it on ebay now !!!


    item no = 360259328881

    Looks like the Dingoo has taken a turn for the worst!!

  14. According to Dingoo Digital, the A330 shown here is a fake, and they haven't started launching their product yet. Link here: http://www.dingoo.cn/en_news.asp?id=27&classid=5

  15. what is difference between dingoo from www.dingoo.cn and dingoo from www.dingoo.hk ?


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