Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stable Dcastaway - Atari ST Emulator for Dingux

DCaSTaway (Atari-ST emulator) released
April 20,2010


Fist stable DCaSTaway (Atari-ST emulator) has been released for Dingoo using Dingux:
- Atari-ST 520FM with 1MB RAM.
- 2 Floppy drivers emulated.
- Savestates LZMA compressed.
- Virtual keyboard and mouse.
- Saves disk changes compressed.
- Autoframeskip for real speed with sound.
- Special Dingoo features: Volume, Brightness, MHz, ...

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Author/Porter: Chui

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  1. Awesome - finally gonna play Multi Player Soccer Manager on ma Dingoo :D