Friday, April 9, 2010

SNes9x4D updated again

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100407

von SiENcE on Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

Labels: Dingoo, Dingux, Snes9x

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100407

Now you can play Megaman X3 & X3 on your Dingoo (with Dingux)

+C4 support added (to play Megaman X2 and X3)
+Fullscreen commandline option bug solved (use -fs for fullscreen)
Have fun. Please give me feedback if you like it!

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  1. Is there somebody to help me to get this running
    im using dmenu so i want to know what i must enter at the dmenu folder

    im not very inteligent at this stuff so i hope sombody can help me
    you can mail me at

  2. Thank you SiENcE,

    1st for the J-RPG font fix! (SoM2, Dark Law, etcs.)

    2nd for the Super Mario RPG playability.

    3rd for adding the C4 support (Mega Man X 2/3).

    ...and I wonder if my thanks/rants/whines/whatever comments are going to be deleted again :p

    P/S: Hoping for the Air Strike Patrol @ Desert Fighter "width" fix :)

  3. will it be possible to play super mario kart in a near o far future?
    BTW thanks for your work, this emulator ROCKS!

  4. Thanks you so much for your work Science and keep improving this emulator !!! it becomes better and better thanks to your work. Maybe someday we'll be able to play most games of snes at a original speed and original sound quality as picodrive does for instance !!

  5. How do i install this, have copied fold to device and does not show in dmenu

  6. gmenu finds it with the icon and all but when run it shows "loading" then back to gmenu... cant run.