Monday, April 26, 2010

Oldplay v 1.10

Oldplay v1.10 for Dingux
April 23,2010

the gama has updated Oldplay!


Here the ChangeLog for version 1.10:

- Added UADE plugin .
  * To play an amiga song using the UADE plugin
    you need to copy the players folder and the score,
    uaerc, eagleplayer.conf and uade.conf files included
    in the oldplay folder.  Also you don't need to change
    the names of the songs since the plugin should handle
    prefix extensions too. *
- Added new ST-Sound plugin.
- Added new Hively Tracker plugin.
- Added song description tags in vgmstream plugin.
- Added a formats database (formats.db) for vgmstream and UADE plugins.
  * Basically is a file that includes a list of all supported
    extensions by these plugins.  They support a LOT of
    formats (~350 by UADE and ~250 by vgmstream) and i
    haven't tested all of them, so some may not work. *


- Port remaining plugins.
- Reduce executable size ...
- Fix battery level indicator (?).
- Help me think of something .

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: the gama

Thanks to Dingoonity for the news.

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