Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dosbox for Dingoo!

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(All bow to mighty Slaneesh!)

DOSBox 0.73 for Dingoo A320 and Ben Nanonote - Public Test
April 22,2010

Slaaneesh has ported DOSBOX!!!!!!


I've just released a public test version of DOSBox 0.73 for the Dingoo A320 and Ben Nanonote.
Whilst I initially did most of my testing with the A320 I ended up doing my testing primarily on the Nanonote which is perfect for this kind of emulator.

What I am saying is that if things don't work on the A320, let me know :-)

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Author/Porter: Slaanesh

What’s left?!


  1. Amazing port, but how can I config the sound and increase more velocity? I just tried Prince of Persia... and plays well, but with frameskip.. and lags sometimes, and no sound... please, can you help me?

  2. a very good port playing keen 3/5