Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dingoo Animaker

Vlad presents … Dingoo animaker!

Hello to all the dingoo  users out there !
I made a nice little program called animaker . Basically , it is a frontend for Joyrider's ANI file tool , which lets you make your own dingoo animated boot screens / log off screens.  Grin
Update : Yay , version 0.2  Grin ! I modified the interface and made it easier to use , also fixed some bugs.
Link :
The package includes:
1.Animaker v0.2
2.Joyrider's ANI compiler (known as anicreate.exe)
3.Hxfe tool
4.12 frames for a logon animation
5.The 12 frames logon animation compiled into an ANI
Screen shot:

Instructions can be found in Readme.txt

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