Monday, April 12, 2010

Can anyone help GJ?

I received this PM recently … can anyone lend a hand?

I hope you will and can help me with my problem:
I want to put the new snes9x4d emulator on my dingoo, but im using Dmenu because its to difficult to me to get gmenu2x working (I am not really a wizkid with this stuff and i am afraid i screw things up badly)
what i want to know can i run this emulator with dmenu and what do typ in at the themes folder ?
(you know menu item, Icon, name ect ect)
I cant find any info about this on the net so you're my only hope
i hope you can help me
kind regards GJ


  1. well there is a local pack that has gmenu2x all set up , could try that

    once all have installed the local pack you can put in the snes9x4d emu

    just need to press select and then scan for apps and games , and snesx94d should appear in the found.dge folder

  2. sorry i forgot to add about editing

    once you snesx94d is in the found.dge folder highlight it then press select

    go to editsnesx94d

    an option screen will appear

    in the option screen turn the selector browser to ON

    just above that is selector directory

    on that go to your snesx94d folder and press start to confirm

    after should be all setup for you to play

    press start again to exit the options screen

    now when you go into the snesx94d icon , it will go stright to that folder and then you can just select the game you want to play and it will load

  3. owww man

    thanks for the helfull info it worked perfect
    (it all was easier than i thought)
    thanks thanks thanks


  4. Hope you have a lot of fun with your Dingoo!