Saturday, January 23, 2010

Uguru releases uNGP Neo Geo Pocket Emulator for Dingux (Dusk Preview)

More great work from Uguru:

uNGP - 0.1 Dusk Preview Dingoo

Here is the first version of uNGP, an Neo Geo Pocket emulator for Dingoo which runs under Dingux. Gui on emu is the same that uPCE one, and all changes and improvements are also in uNGP.

Some characteristics of initial version:
- Very playable on the most of games.
- Emu has sound.
- Support compressed games.
- Save/Load state with preview.
- Cheats support.
Download: uNGP - 0.1 Dusk



  1. Very nice emu , Thanx !

  2. I Like how it says the Neo Pocket Color was only commercially released in Japan and Hong Kong, yet I bought mine at Montgomery Wards in Ohio which is clearly outside of those 2 regions.

  3. Yep, currys stocked'em here in the uk, this guy doesn't know his stuff.