Friday, January 8, 2010

Stella! Stella! – optimised v1.0 build for Dingux released


The tireless Slaanesh (that’s him in the pic) has released an optimised build of Stella for Dingux.


I was playing around with Stella for Dingux - but was getting a bit annoyed with some little problems. The default keymaps weren't very good and the build seemed a little slow. Selecting some options also seemed to crash the emulator.
So I decided to build my own version and share it around. It plays all my favorites at nice speed.
Pitfall II works but you will need to overclock to 420Mhz and it's still slow. What a beast!

Big thanks to the Stella developers, it's really is a great emulator - all these screen shots were taken using the built-in snapshot grabber.

Launcher and Menu Default Keymap
Up - Move up
Down - Move down
Left - Page Up (useful in the game select list)
Right - Page Down
(A) - Select
(B) - Cancel
(X) - Next Tab. You need this to navigate some of the menus!
Left Shoulder - Next menu/option item
Right Shoulder - Previous menu/option item (this doesn't work in the console menu).

Emulator Default Keymap
Up - Joystick up
Down - Joystick down
Left - Joystick left
Right - Joystick right
(A) - Joystick fire button
(B) - Not defined. I used it for snapshots.
(Y) - Console SELECT (usually select game number)
(X) - Console RESET (usually start game)
SELECT - Exit game, back to game selector.
Left Shoulder - Options
Right Shoulder - Console Menu

Install Default Directory
/usr/local/stella/roms - ROM directory
/usr/local/stella/screenshot - Screenshot directory
/usr/local/stella/state - State save directory

If you are updating from the previous build, delete your stellarc file first!

Release/discussion Thread Here:

Download =,0,0,0,71,249

(Thx to Dingoonity for the news)


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