Friday, January 22, 2010

Pawed and Unpawed Dingoos – Meneer Jansen tries to clear up the confusion

In a recent Dingoonity post worthy of parotting, Meneer Jansen summarises the state of Dingoo Hardware at the moment. This is well worth a read before you buy one:

Re: PAWED and UNPAWED Dingoos - Trying to clear up the confusion!

I'm getting sort of confused here.... (am I the only one?) So far I know that thare are quite a few models on the market.

  • Model I
    The first Dingoo's on the market have a paw print on the back and have a serial number that starts with:
    4G <space> A320KBKxxxx
    for a black (BK) model and with the letters "WT" in it for a white model. They have  4GB of internal memory, hance the "4G" in the serial. The serial on these models do not end in "HK" (for Hong Kong, even though they are produced in Hong Kong). Some report that these could still be ordered at Dealextreme in December 2009 and they were delivered in January 2010.
    These models are: good!
  • Model II
    Then there were the models without the paw print on the back. Was there a serial on them? They have a slightly updated circuit board design: the two internal memory chips (amounting to 4 GB) were replaced by a single one of 4 GB. This resulted in the infamous memory allocation (malloc) errors -reported in these forums- that occured in certain homebrew applications (gameboy emulator for the native OS?). These malloc problems were solved eventually by upgraded of the homebrew applications.
    These models are known to be: bad? good?
  • Model III
    Then there were the models with a serial number that ends in "HK". They are cheap ones intended for the Asian/Chinese market. They are known to be sold by some sellers on eBay. Don't buy them. They have 4 GB of internal memory.
    They are: bad? good?
  • Model IV
    They have no serial number. Amount of internal memory: 2 GB?? They do not have a paw print on the back? They are cheap ones intended for the Asian/Chinese market. They are known to be sold by some sellers on eBay. Don't buy them.
    They are: bad? good?
Could y'all help me out on the question marks? And do I have the models listed in the right chronological order?

If y’all can help out, please do!


  1. Yeah, the dingoo's from Dealextreme are still the original model 1 versions, i got mine around december 18th, maybe they buy them direct from the factory, were as ebay folk just get em from some random china store on-line.


  2. Okay, so anyone still thinking that the company wants to be the friend of the development scene?

  3. Do your self da favor and buy a PSP 2000, hackit and your on your way to emulation heaven.

  4. Sure, like PSP doesn't have incompatable firmware revisions that you have to hack around. Face it, none of the major handheld companies are as easy to load "backup" or homebrew games on as the dingoo or the gpx systems. There may be some problems you run into, but they are far easier to deal with than the big name companies.

    I've got a model 1 dingoo from deal extreme and it has full compatability. I'd be interested to see one of these 2gb versions and find out why it is unflashable. If it is software based there may be a way to do a hard reset on the flash by shorting certain data pins. Then hook it to a computer for a firmware rewrite.

  5. I have a model 1 Dingoo and the serial number does not start with A320KBK. Mine starts with A320WH9 and I know it's a Model I.

  6. I got Hk model seems fine can run dingux and everything

  7. I got HK model too and it doesn't run any emulators besides official ones. So Gnuboy doesn't work and i can,t play any Gameboy/Gameboy Color games... :(

  8. I got one for a friend via eBay from Hong Kong, I forgot to check if it was the HK model (it was pawed however) but it ran everything in native and Dingux perfectly.

  9. i have a few model 1s in stock

    any of u interested?

  10. @icehart: I may be interested in one of your model 1's. I've just heard about the Dingoo and I'm very excited to get one. But now I read that there are different models and some of them may not be hackable. This worries me. Is there any way to tell which model you're getting before you buy?