Sunday, January 31, 2010

FSM for Dingux

Another menu option for Dingux:

FSM for Dingux Released
January 29, 2010

Darfgarf has released his new menu for Dingux!


alrighty then, this is a small fast menu that doesn't look too pretty at the moment, and lacks features like volume controls etc.

but you really should give it a go  Grin  it gives you a nice stable filebrowser to launch things from, along with being able to filter the current directory so that it only shows .dge and .sh files

oh and read the readme, it's there for a reason!

there would be a screenshot here, but i've had great troubles uploading things due to BT being crap and our phoneline going out in the snow, so you don't get one  Cheesy
Author/Porter: Darfgarf

Cheers to Dingoonity!

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