Friday, January 22, 2010

A few things released over the last few days

Yes, I’ve been napping at the wheel again.  Here are bits and pieces from the last week, in case you haven’t already set Dingoonity as your home page:

NEC PC 4801 Emulator updated:

NEC PC 9801 Emulator Updated!
January 14, 2010

NP2 the PC 9801 emulator has been updated!

Information on the NEC-PC 9801 can be found here:


Greetings everyone!

He left the update of the PC emulator 9801, that little old computer ...

To install, simply replace the old files by this, or install it in dmenu (within the file entry is required for dmenu, along with an icon suggested).

Thanks to Ezequiel and the Dingoo Brazil team for this news!

Official Release post is here:]
Author/Porter: Unknown

Mplayer recompiled without IPU:

Mplayer recompiled: "Without IPU"!
January 17, 2010

BouKiCHi posted a compiled version of Mplayer that does not need zImage with IPU enabled!


Note to Windowsusers: The file is compressed as. Tar.gz, you should draw a time to generate. Tar and then extract it again, only then will the executable icon Mplayer + + configuration for the dmenu .

Thanks to Ezequiel and the Dingoo Brazil team for the news.

Official Release post is here:

Author/Porter: BouKiCHi

Open BOR Build 2639 released:

OpenBOR Build 2639 Released!
January 17, 2010

A new version of OpenBOR has been released! In other good news OpenBOR for Dingoo is now part of the official distribution!

For more information on OpenBOR goto


And here's a summary of recent changes:

OpenBOR 3.0 Build 2637
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Wii, Dingoo
    * Plombo: Biker support is finally fixed! Now you can play more mods correctly on Wii and Dingoo, including the original Beats of Rage.
    * Plombo: Fix for loading mods from the data folder under Linux.
    * Shin-NiL: Added Dingoo specific function to detect correct amount of free RAM.
OpenBOR 3.0 Build 2639
Platforms: Wii, Dingoo
    * Plombo: Fixed menu selection issue with the Classic Controller in the Wii port.
    * Plombo: Fixed oversensitivity when using the GameCube controller on Wii.
    * Plombo: Fixed my Dingoo toolchain; now you can really play mods like the original Beats of Rage correctly on Dingoo!

See ya 

Discuss it here:

OpenBOR Build 2639.7z
Author/Porter: Shin-NiL

Shadow Warrior + sound beta released:

Shadow Warrior + Sound Beta Released!
January 17,  2010

CongoZombie has released his port of Shadow Warrior and it ROCKS!!!!!

For those of you that don't know about Shadow Warrior here is a link to the WIKIPEDIA article.



I have been working on porting the most recent version of JFShadowWarrior from SVN to the Dingoo. I am away for a few days, so will be unable to create a new build until the end of the week, but people have been asking me to release the current build, so here it is.,0,0,0,3,251

-Sound works (yay!)

-I haven't disabled the mouse cursor yet, so it is still in the corner of the screen

-I'm not sure it is reading config files right (you have to remap the keys the first time that you play it)

- I have received reports from people that it sometimes crashes when loading levels. If this happens to you, let me know here which level, and which kernel and rootfs you are using.

I will release the source in a couple of days when I get back and will try and fix as many of the bugs as I can. I plan on implementing a similar control scheme to CZDoom to make it more playable on the Dingoo, as well as build a GP2X version.

Discuss it here:

Author/Porter: Congo Zombie

There was also a terrible earthquake in Haiti.  Please give generously and donate here:

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