Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ezequeil posts Dingux PSX4ALL Bios script to ease your life

Ezequeil has posted a script to let you boot to different PS1 Bioses from Dmenu:

Based on this topic on the compatibility of the psx4all games:
The games have with a variety of bios possibles, thinking that I proposed to my friend who created a script that selects the bios (had seen something similar here to select of zImage)
The script makes the BIOS selectable dmenu, avoiding the hassle of having to connect the usb dingoo in every time you want to change bios
Understanding how the script:
must put the bios without the extension. bin folder (local/emulators/psx4all)
the extension is "scph7003.bin," be so scph7003.
soon after to put the bios of each script that you want to use that folder ...
How to script each bios:
Edit an existing bios and so change the following compound:
cd /usr/local/emulators/psx4all <---- where is the psx4all only change if it is not in this folder.
cp -f (nameofyourbios) SCPH1001.BIN <---- command to copy the bios which has (nameofyourbios) you should put the name of the bios that you will use without the extension. bin.
chmod +x psx4all; ./psx4all
the bios most famous are: (not included in the download)
Thanks to Vinicius (cabelo)
and Laaroy by testing and uploading files .

Thanks to our Brazillian brothers!


  1. I1m curious to know if there are any games that can be played at reasonable speed and sound. Is there a compatibility list around or something like that?

  2. With sound? Most likely no games at all. The ones I've tested with sound, performance is terrible and the sound as well

    Without sound quite a few runs at a reasonable speed. See this thread: