Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dingoo starts the decade with a lotta goodies …

Hokey folks, the turps have worn off, and it is evident from Dingoonity that there have been lots of action while I was festivusing! There have been some great releases since Boxing Day, starting with OpenGGS:

Zear has ported Openggs, another Great Giana Sisters remake.


So.. we have Giana�s Return and Winter Jumper. You think that's enough of Giana Sisters?
Hell no!
Here goes another "Great Giana Sisters" remake - OpenGGS.
In this clone you can choose between classic C64 graphic tiles and completely new OpenGGS ones, as well as 32 playable levels.

A - jump
B - run/shoot
L - stats
SELECT - quit
START - accept (in menus)

Release/discussion Thread Here:

Download =,0,0,0,35,247

An update to UPCE:

uPCE - 0.4 Luckyboy Preview
January 2nd, 2010

Uguru has released an update to his uPCE emulator for Dingux.


Happy New Year!!!

uPCE new version, now 0.4 Luckyboy Preview


    - Changed some issue related to sound, removed some slowdowns.
    - Improved a little speed on emulation.
    - Added a letter selector in filemanager.
    - Added some items on System config in menu.
    - Cleaned some code (but need a little more cleaning code).
    - Zip files with one rom, runs without filezipmanager.
    - Added and changed fit and scale video modes.

Release/discussion Thread Here:

Download =

Gianna’s return:

Giana's Return v0.997
January 1st, 2010



Giana's Return aims to be a worthy inofficial sequel of "The Great Giana Sisters". "The Great Giana Sisters" is an alltime classic Jump'N'Run game made in the late eighties mainly by Armin Gessert, Manfred Trenz and Chris H�lsbeck and gained massive attention as "Super Mario" copy, but still had it's very own charm and fanbase.

Release/discussion Thread Here:


MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.1
December 30, 2009

Rookie1 has released MIDPath 4 for DINGUX!


I've released MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.1. Download link is at

I've created a Google code project for MIDPath 4 Dingoo ( You can report issues, suggestions there. Code contributions are also welcome.

Release Thread Here:
Author/Porter: Rookie1

Three new Demo Scene ports:

Three New Scene Demo Ports
December 29, 2009

zeitpunk has released three new demos that he has ported for our viewing pleasure!


I've ported some more demos, this time the demos from Fit ( ) :
Have fun!

- Hex Pistols -,0,0,0,38,243
  (a funky old-school demo)

- One Day Miracle -,0,0,0,38,244
  (quite stylish, but runs somewhat too slow on the Dingoo)

- Chrysler -,0,0,0,38,245
  (quite stylish, too, and runs fine on the Dingoo!)

Release thread here:

ProoSystem 2.0:

ProoSystem 2.0
December 29, 2009

Alekmaul released another version of his flawless and almost perfect Atari 7800 emulator for the native Dingoo OS!


New version of Dingoo Atari 7800 Native emulator. It's a port of ProSystem Atari 7800 emulator from Greg Stanton!

Here are the news :
V2.0 : 27/12/2009
  + Add database support to have lots of games compatible now !
  # Fix some gui design in menu
  + Add number to screenshot filename
  # Fix accuracy of Maria cycle timing
  + Add Pal/Ntsc timing
  # Timers now properly take into consideration cycles generated via Maria and during WSYNC
  # Increased compatibility for PAL games (Ballblazer, Commando, and Food Fight now work)  
  # Other games improved by various changes
  # Fix palette colors for PAL / NTSC game

All information are in the readme file shipped with the zip file.
And, as i said in V1.0 post, here is now the source  code ProoSystem source code

ProoSystem 2.0
Author/Porter: Alekmaul


An update to OpenBOR:

OpenBOR Dingux Port v0.2.1 - Loading Time Quick Fix
December 23,  2009

Shin-NiL has updated his wonderful OpenBor port


History / Changelog

v0.2.1 (23/12/2009)
    * Fixed the prolonged loading time issue from the latest release;
    * Based on OpenBOR v3.0 build 2559.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Shin-NiL

As always, thanks to Dingoonity for the above!


  1. Happy new year for Dingoo Scene!

    Good work to all the other programmers!!!

  2. I have the Atari 7800 emu working and have games playing. Do PAL games play slower than NTSC ?

  3. The atari 7800 link is broken