Friday, January 8, 2010

Dingoo internal speaker mod video

zer0zillion has posted a video of a Dingoo with speaker on steroids:


the dingoo A320 handheld is known for it's inferior internal *make your ears bleed* speakers... i modded them somewhat. game runs on gnuboy native 100% volume, i've choosen tetris as most know the theme and can relate to that. as far as judging the audio, it was recorded on a samsung nv24hd which has a very good internal mic imho.
How about some more details, zer0zillion?


  1. OK, so what did you do besides record a video?

  2. Yeah, what the hell? Where's the information? He was playing a GB game. The original GB had a 4-bit sound processor.

    Bogus video, +5 lameness.

  3. he put a dampener on the back of the speakers, it sounds les "hollow" now

  4. What a fukin waste of time...