Friday, January 29, 2010

Chui releases DCastaway for Dingux – Atari ST Emulator

Top Spanish coder Chui has released Dcastaway for Dingux, an Atari ST emulator. Direct link to download here, and more details here!


In september 2004 Chui & Ron decided to port of an Atari ST Emulator. We had this old 16-bit home computer and love it. We're finding emulators for other environments and two emulators were found using Simple Direct Layer: Castaway and Hatari.

Well, based originally in both emulators all code parts were re-written and optimized for Dreamcast, and DCaSTaway is the result of the effort done to bring to DC this excellent Atari ST emulator in 3 flavours, Dreamcast, Windows and GNU/Linux.

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  1. I get ROM not found every time, i have re-named the tos to rom but get "ROM not found" everytime - evilronald