Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cax releases mod of fMSX Dingux!

Cax (or borus) has modded ZX81’s MSX Port, enhancing it (see his site here):

27/01/2010 - My mod of Zx-81's Dingux port of Marat Fayzullin's fMSX:

I liked Zx-81's fMSX Dingux port very much, but it missed some features I needed myself.
So... Here is the list of modifications I made to fMSX-Dingux:

  • added full-screen up-scaling
  • added MegaROMs type auto-detection by SHA1 (so games like Aleste and Batman work now)
  • assigned "Exit" from menu to X button
  • first save state is loaded automatically on ROM opening
  • path to last opened rom/dsk is remembered after exiting from emulator
  • fixed "sound persists on state loading" bug
  • fixed gfx garbage in menu (manifests itself in full-screen mode)
  • fmpac.rom is not loaded after reset if "Music FM-PAC" is switched off in setting

Here is a binary patch for Dingux-MSX 1.1.0 :

Extract the zip file into local/emulators/dingux-msx folder overriding the existing files on your SD card.
Read the README.cax.txt file for the full info about this mod.
The modified source code can be downloaded here:

Thank you Cax!


  1. I've been using ZX81's emulator since it was released and found a few games that would not work. I tried them in OpenMSX and they worked fine. So I was looking forward to trying this update, but now every game a try, even those that worked before, just load to the Basic screen (blue screen with white text and a prompt).

  2. After playing around a bit more I discovered that this update no longer supports zipped roms. If I unzip them they work.

  3. Abaddon, thank you for your bug report.
    Please download the fixed version from my homepage at http://cax.nm.ru

  4. Thanks for the quick update. Zip files work again and I found a few more games that now work with your enhancements.