Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zx-81 releases Atari 7800 emulator

Another emulator, courtesy of ZX-81 – this time, the Atari 7800!:

Dingux-7800: Atari 7800 Emulator for Dingux v1.1.0

Hi All,
ProSystem is the best emulator of Atari 7800 game console, running on Windows system.
It has been written by Greg Stanton, see Greg Stanton web site for details.
Here is a port on Dingoo/Dingux of the version i've previously ported to PSP, Gp2x and Wiz.
Many new features have been added compared to original version, have a look to the README for details.
How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt file.
Sources are included, and this package is under the GNU public licence v2, read COPYING.txt file for more information about it.
Here is a full working binary version :
And the source code :
If you want to discuss on this homebrew, you can do it here :
My forum on dcemu network or

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