Winter Jumper – Dingux Gianna Sisters

Hey hey hey, it’s Gianna Sisters Say (allright, it’s  lame opener, but I’m runnign out of ‘em):


Here is my latest port, a remake of the game very simple AMIGA/C64 "The Great Giana Sisters" developed by RomanH containing 5 levels very short and very simple.

I wanted to try to bring the real version but no way to have sources Sad
future version I am based on sources Gp2x Game Winter Jumper and so there is no sound for now, but I intend to unravel the chopper also sounds and integrate them into a future version Wink

-Unzip the archive and place the file in your winter Dingoo.
-Ex�cutez ./Giana -Run. / Giana


At the start of the game you can select the level on which you want to play with the DPAD right or left

DPAD Right = Right
DPAD Left = Left
DPAD Up = Jump
DPAD Down = Down
B = Run
START = Start

RomanH to thank you for the sources of Winter Jumper.


Full credz to YoannD26!


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