Thursday, October 22, 2009

New local 32a pack available!

It's worth mentioning that toddler has released a new pack, only because of the glut of releases recently! With 0.32a, you get:

Psx4all, Snes9x and dingux-system update. Dingux Hugo (Pc Engine), Famicom Disk System (Nesemu), Simple theme added. Vic20 and Plus4 config added. Mplayer deleted. (dmenu 0.3 version)

Of course, with it raining Dingoo ports at the moment, this'll be out of date in the next few hours, but that life, and what a problem to have, eh? Grab local32a here:


  1. They need to add a menu item that displays the Dingux and DualBoot versions. That way you can always check. I am not sure if they started this, but if not, they need to have an "update from X version" option, like if you just installed 0.31a and there is 0.32a, you shouldn't have to copy over the files that didn't change, or re-format your dingoo every 1-6 weeks. Both of those problems create excess write cycles and excess time. Simple changed file updates as an option, followed by running ScanDisk with both options checked, would also help reduce/eliminate dingux not booting the first time.