Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lynx Emulator Beta (Native)

Is that a Lynx in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?! These babies were extremely Too Bookoo!


Place LynGOO.SIM together with lynxboot.img in your GAME folder and have fun with some LNX files!
This version still contains several glitches and load/save state is not implemented yet. You will have to google lynxboot.img as I'm not allowed to bundle it with the emulator.

Grab it here: http://www.speedyshare.com/534817175.html


  1. Works great! Well done!

    The Lynx never really got the respect it deserved. It's actually pretty darned impressive for the time. Too bad it chewed through AA batteries like candy, like all color portables of the era.

  2. And it doubles as a self defense baton!

    Seriously though, Lynx was a great system and had heaps of awesome games.

    Looking forward to giving this a whirl.

  3. Exactly what i was waiting for !

    Thank to the author !

  4. Great! But, SNES-emulator native port why to want? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hah, I have a 1st-get Lynx like the one in the pic... It had some seriously awesome games.
    Games in 3D, which the consoles didn't even have much of at the time - Steel Talons, Hard Drivin... I really got mine for Stun Runner though.
    ...that's the one cart I have that no longer seems to work :(

  6. This works great; The only games that I've had problems with are S.T.U.N Runner (which has graphical glitches) and some of the homebrew games. Other than that, everything plays perfectly. Great job!

  7. Wow I'm loving this finally get to play the lynx roms I had sitting on my hard drive for years.

  8. Though I've never owned or played any Lynx games, I can play the original version of Chip's Challenge until someone makes a Dingux port of the gp2x port of Tile World.

  9. please where is the lynxboot.img?? i cant run the .sim

  10. When i exit games and try to load another my console freezes i flashed and tryed all firmwares and still does it whats the problem

  11. AWESOME!

    Been waiting to play Chip's Challenge forever. THANK YOU!!!!!