Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey, is that Viggo Mortensen?

Lulavenera has very helpfully played through 7 Days Salvation - regarded as about the best native 3d game for the Dingoo - so you don’t have to.  Here is the ending! I’m not going to spoiler the spoiler, but from what I can see, it might be somewhat anti-climactic …

Perhaps it’s different if you’ve engaged with the characters.


  1. In fact, that's because the game is not completed. The name is "7 Days" but we play only five days. The last two days were just finished in July. Check the official chinese site: http://www.dingoogames.cn/7days_home.html

    The complete version of 7 Days is available on the Dingoo official site, but:
    - it's not in English.
    - it doesn't seem to work on my Dingoo.

  2. Thanks for that info Nhut. Thanks to the person who made a video of the ending, a worthy contribution to the Dingoo community.