Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ghosthrider’s Dingoo-Book Case review

Anyone hunting for the ideal dingoo-case (you know who you are, freaks!:)) should be excited at Ghosthrider’s latest custom-made-for-the Dingoo case: the Dingoo Book! Check it out:


Ghosthrider makes these from a thick cotton – denim (?) material. The Dingoo is held securely against the soft bottom half by two elastic bands.


The cover flap is HARD but encased in the same soft material, and a thick band is also provided to hold the case close when you’re not using it. Dingoo-book2-2Dingoo-book2

Sure, you can raid your grandfather’s drawer and steal his spectacle case, or even find some fairly workable NDS wraps on DealExtreme for your favourite handheld. But those are compromises. Bleeding obvious benefit no 1 of the Dingoo-Book’s design is this: there is now no need to remove the Dingoo from its case to use it!


Honestly, I love this case, although, to be honest, it was not love at first sight.

You have to get over the fact that it looks, well, “lumpy”. After I used this for a while though, I realised that this is inevitable when you consider what it’s made of. This is the Dingoo case your Grandma would make for you, and you’d never complain about aesthetics to Grandma now, would you? And especially not when she’s made you such a delightfully earthy and useful case. No, I’ve since grown to like the look of it more and more. It’s certainly different from modern mass produced cases.

One other complaint I do have about it is that it can attract dirt, but in the end, this is a minor niggle. Try a silicon wrap and you’ll know the meaning of “attracts dirt”.

On the other hand, there are so many reasons why is this case the greatest thing since Aang took Ozai’s firebending away! Here’s why:

1. It’s customised!: Notice how little room there is between the Y button and the screen on a Dingoo – then notice how the elastic band is the perfect width! That, friends, is the difference between a K-mart suit and a fitted suit. Good luck finding anything else that fits a Dingoo but doesn’t block the screen. Does your Dingoo deserve any less?

2. Lots of pockets: What other case includes compartments for a chamois, reset stylus (OK, OK, so it’s a toothpick – but doesn’t timber = class nowadays?) and a pocket just the right depth to hold a Mini-SD or two without it sinking to the bottom irretrievably? And the chamois and tooth … stylus are included, by the way.

3. Hey, it’s Indestructible!: I don’t know what Ghosthrider uses to stiffen the screen cover. I believe it’s the same stuff that Superman uses for his suit. No cheap cardboard inside – the screen cover is STRONG! It’s some sort of hard perspex that will withstand substantial abuse. We conducted a highly complex scientific and delicately calibrated pressure test, and as you can see the Dingoo-Book passed it with flying colours:

Dingoo-book Dingoo-book2-2-2

(The weight was 2.4 kilos by the way – look at the picture - not even a curve in the cover!)

4. Improved ergonomics: The case actually provides more material to hang on to when holding the Dingoo, and helps me get a better grip on it (see picture above). The soft back means that you can use the shoulder buttons without scraping the bottom of your fingers on hard plastic. The whole thing is very comfortable to hold and use.

5. Great needlework!: Ghosthrider must have paid good attention in home science class, as the Dingoo-Book is extremely well stitched together, and is not going to come undone any time soon!

6. Cram other stuff into it!: The design of the Dingoo-Book also easily lends itself to holding headphones in place:


7. Undocumented Easter Egg feature!: With a simple twist of the elastic band:


… voila, Dingoo-Book becomes a cradle! (Which saves you a CD-Cover!)


8. Great grip!: The texture of the denim-like material also means the case grips on surfaces you’re likely to use your Dingoo on - like say, your pants - which means if you’re watching a video, you can perch Dingoo on your leg without it sliding off:


If you need a well made, practical and immensely well featured Dingoo case with lots of value add, the Dingoo-Book is it. Ghosthrider charges only 13 Euro SHIPPING INCLUDED WORLDWIDE (and less if you live in France), and can make them in other colours too. Contact Ghosthrider here: , or look up seller “lawarmotte” on Ebay.


  1. where i can found the black Dpad?

  2. OWN the lumpiness!

    As I read the article I liked it more and more!

    "The Lumpy Dingoo Protection/Enhancement System"

    Go ahead, you can use that. ;)

  3. What a nice review of a nice product! Cheers, i have to get one! :D

  4. @fred: Dpads are a dime a dozen at DealExtreme:

    @strider_mtk: you have a knack for naming widgets:) PM ghosthrider!